Producer: Naviganti
The name 12 NODI is inspired by the cruising speed of the great merchant ships that have sailed the seas over the centuries to make Italian products known all over the world. 12 NODI are fine wines, produced between Abruzzo and Veneto. In Abruzzo they come to life between the Adriatic Sea and the..
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Pecorino Abruzzo DOC “Numidio” 2018 - Naviganti
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Producer: Naviganti
      Our Naviganti wine brand tells the story of our homeland, a place deep in the heart of Italy, in the Abruzzo region, between the Adriatic Sea and the Majella massif. The vines dedicated to producing this wine are aspected mainly east and south east, on hills rolling..
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Producer: Cataldi Madonna
      Founded in 1920 by Baron Luigi Cataldi Madonna, the company entered its modern phase in 1968 with Antonio who promoted its expansion, the re-planting of the vineyards, the renovation of the structures. His son Luigi, current owner, has continued for some years the w..
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