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Values which are closely linked to the local soil and our proper roots, our love for the grapes, which thanks to passion becomes wine - The history of the Angiuli winery goes back to 1880 and continues until today.

Nature and landscape must be respected! This philosophy has been indisputable since 1880 in Adelfia, the heart of the wine-growing region of the Primitivo DOP Gioia del Colle.

Hence our desire to cultivate local vines in harmony with the soil and the microclimate.

Donato Angiuli has created the Maccone brand for his winery’s niche wines. Maccone was the “artist name” of the first cellar master at our Angiuli winery. An impressive personality of outstanding professionalism, a celebrity among the regional winemakers.

Our family has been producing this wine for three generations from old Primitivo clones. We use only the best grapes, harvested by hand. The maceration time is 15 to 20 days in stainless steel containers. For the fermentation process we use local yeasts. All this to intensify the typicality and uniq..
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Puglia IGP Negroamaro Bianco 2016 "Maccone" - Angiuli Donato
This wine, obtained by vinification of only black Negroamaro grapes, combines the body of a classic Negroamaro with the fresh acidity and aromas of white wine. A wine of great originality and versatility.     DEDICATED TO WINE FOR GENERATIONS   Values which are cl..
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Puglia IGP Negroamaro 2017 "Angiuli" - Angiuli Donato
-8 %
Negroamaro is an autochthonous Puglian grape variety whose name comes from the dialectal expression “niuru maru”, which means “very black”. “Niuru” comes from Latin (niger) and “maru” from Greek (mavros). In fact, both the colour of the grapes and that..
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