Grillo Sicilia DOC Biologico “EraBio” 2018 - Tenute Plaia

Grillo Sicilia DOC Biologico “EraBio” 2018 - Tenute Plaia
Bestseller BIO -25 %
Winery Tenute Plaia
Region Sicilia
Wine type White still
Classification Sicilia DOC
Year 2018
Format 0.75
Alcohol 12.5%
Grapes Grillo 100%
Color Straw yellow with some green lights
Fragrance Intense with white flower notes
Flavor Dry and tasty
Pairing Grilled fish, vegetables and cheese
Grillo Sicilia DOC Biologico “EraBio” 2018 - Tenute Plaia
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From our carefully assisted vineyard, nourished by the earth and grown from the sun of the Trapani hinterland, this natural, fresh and aromatic wine is born, expression of one of the most important vines of Sicilian enology. Strong expression of a twenty-year company policy, Erabio represents a production according to biological methods which is above all a lifestyle choice.​




Since 2001 Tenute Plaia produces D.O.C wines, mostly from indigenous vine varieties.

The young company has inherited from three generations of winegrowers experience, professionalism and love for a complex and difficult job that depends on the weather condition.
Starting from these presuppositions, our passion and love for the land and its products represent our pride. We are interested in searching new cultivation techniques using modern tools.