Langhe Rosso DOC “Diavolisanti” 2013 - Bricco del Cucù

Langhe Rosso DOC “Diavolisanti” 2013 - Bricco del Cucù
Winery Bricco del Cucù
Region Piemonte
Wine type Red still
Classification Langhe DOC
Year 2013
Format 0.75
Alcohol 13.5%
Grapes 40% Merlot - 60% Dolcetto
Color Intense and dark red
Fragrance Very complex, with fruity, minty and mineral scents, perfectly mixed together
Flavor With many shades and complexity but also with a great strength and persistence
Pairing Red meat and game
Langhe Rosso DOC “Diavolisanti” 2013 - Bricco del Cucù
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Wine obtained by a blend of Merlot and Dolcetto. The Merlot is aged in barriques, while the Dolcetto in large Piedmont traditional oak barrels.

Blended and bottled, it needs a medium period of ageing in bottles, in order to be ready to drink.

Its colour is deep and dark red; the bouquet is very complex with fruity, minty and mineral scents perfectly mixed. The taste is rich of shades and complexity, but also with great strength and persistence.

Diavolisanti: a name, an idea, a challenge. It represents the union of two opposite worlds: the Dolcetto and the Merlot; the barrique and Piedmont oak barrel. The dilemma between innovation and tradition and finally the question: wine, healthy pleasure or for someone a dangerous sin?

All this in a bottle, wrapped by the marvellous frescoes of the gothic chapel of San Fiorenzo in Bastia Mondovì.



Bricco del Cucù is a family company which since ages cultivates vines and typical local products in the Langhe. For over 100 years, this passion is been passed from generation to generation: the constant improvement and research for quality led to open to new markets, abroad as well.


“Patience and passion create an emotion”

We are proud niche-wine makers.

Since 2000 we made important technologic investments in the cellar to improve our products quality, and since 2016 Irene started with the direct reception of customers in the cellar, offering the opportunity to taste our wines together with salami and cheese of our territory.