Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva

Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
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Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
Winery Sgreva
Region Lombardia
Wine type White still
Classification Lugana DOC
Year 2018
Format 0,75
Alcohol 13%
Grapes 100% Turbiana
Fragrance Fine and persistent with a scent of tropical fruits and bread crust.
Color Straw yellow
Flavor Agreeable and harmonic with marked refinement and minerality and also a quite strong taste of citrus fruits
Pairing First and second dishes of fish, especially the typical fishes of the Garda Lake
Lugana DOC 2018 "Sirmio" (astuccio) - Sgreva
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Oh thanks my God. At last another characteristic Lugana, another original one. They are not so rare, but at this time, where costums and palate exalt strong, heavy and complicate taste, is difficult to find a so pleasant, genuine and ancient one. Sgreva’s Sirmio has the gift to be honest. There are customs, links with Turbiana, with lands, with taste and good smells, authentic, real. It has a sincere savour, it multiplies its pleasure, without damaging one more glass. And this hundredfolds pleasure to stay round the table, pleasure to match with a fine food (that leaves clear mouths) and the pleasure to stay together. This wine gives you sprng sensations, happiness and discovery. Your nose smells immediately warm yeast, bread crust, thin acacia. Turbiana’s grape’s bitter delight catches the attention of your mouth, friut’s grace, apple and peer. And bitter note stuns sweeping across sweet and taking sip beyond the mouth: its after-taste leaves you a wish to drink again, to appreciate this Lugana’s delicacy and elegance.



Azienda Agricola Sgreva is a small family winery that has been located in the city of Sirmione for over 50 years. Nowadays, the two young brothers and owners, Giacomo and Vanessa, with the help of Francesca, their mother, work daily together: they believe that work in the vineyard and respect for their land are the most important things to obtain high-quality products. Moreover, they are helped by the particular kind of climate of the Grada Lake and by the soil that is naturally calcareous and rich in clay.The cultivated 18 hectares are the pride of the winery, that believes that good, genuine wine and quality come first from the vineyard.