Producer: Morasinsi
The Uva di Troia grape is located at the tip of our vineyard and is the last variety to be harvested. In mid-October, when the leaves turn yellow and Autumn arrives our vineyard gives us the last batch of grapes for production.  The vines are twenty years old and are cultivated with the Guyot..
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Producer: Angiuli Donato
Our family has been producing this wine for three generations from old Primitivo clones. We use only the best grapes, harvested by hand. The maceration time is 15 to 20 days in stainless steel containers. For the fermentation process we use local yeasts. All this to intensify the typicality and uniq..
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Puglia IGP Negroamaro 2017 "Angiuli" - Angiuli Donato
-8 %
Producer: Angiuli Donato
Negroamaro is an autochthonous Puglian grape variety whose name comes from the dialectal expression “niuru maru”, which means “very black”. “Niuru” comes from Latin (niger) and “maru” from Greek (mavros). In fact, both the colour of the grapes and that..
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