"Riflesso" Spumante Brut Cuvèe Met. Charmat- Pauli's

"Riflesso" Spumante Brut Cuvèe Met. Charmat- Pauli's
Winery Pauli's
Region Sardegna
Wine type Sparkling
Classification Charmat Method sparkling
Year 2017
Format 0.75
Alcohol 11.5%
Grapes Mixed white berries grapes
Color Light straw yellow
Fragrance Fresh and slightly fruity, reminiscent of apple and fresh bread crust.
Flavor Inviting flavout, dry, discreet and elegant
Pairing Ideal as an aperitif. Excellent with fish dishes
"Riflesso" Spumante Brut Cuvèe Met. Charmat- Pauli's
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Pauli's is a brand with very strong roots, a new brand but with a long story to tell. It was founded to continue and renew the experience of the Cantina Sociale di Monserrato and managed its deepest vocation and the most modern aspirations. For 90 years, our company has seen so many people in the winery: the young, the elderly, the family, the passionate, the connoisseur. In these 90 years we have come to know and recognize our clients and their choices.


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