Spumante Brut "Goccia di Pinot Noir - Pure Pink" - MyRò

Spumante Brut "Goccia di Pinot Noir - Pure Pink" - MyRò
-22 %
Winery Myrò • Colli Berici
Region Veneto
Wine type Sparkling
Classification Charmat Method sparkling
Year 2018
Format 0.75
Alcohol 12%
Grapes Pinot Nero 100%
Color Cherry red, crystalline and lively.
Fragrance Scents of currant with a light, but unmistakably lively, citrus note
Flavor Fresh and slightly savory
Pairing Ideal as an aperitif or in combination with appetizers and delicate dishes based on fish, crustaceans and molluscs.
Spumante Brut "Goccia di Pinot Noir - Pure Pink" - MyRò
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It is a brut sparkling wine vinified "en rose". With 12% alcohol content, it is balanced and very versatile.

Cherry red in color, reminiscent of raspberry, its delicate fruity aroma, reminds small red fruits and its fine and refined taste offer unique olfactory and taste sensations.

On the palate it is dry but not too much, fresh and with that lively accent given by the light sapidity. The strong attractive power of its fine and persistent perlage allows the contemporary side of MyRò to emerge!

It is full-bodied and leaves its mark, it is clear and sincere in taste, lively, fragrant, natural colored.

Usually used for the champenoise method, a flute bottle with a concave bottom was chosen to enhance its refinement during the pouring of the wine.