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"Masiera" Spumante Brut Met. Charmat - Vitacchio
-49 %
Masiera Brut is a Charmat sparkling wine and its name is the one of the vineyard where its grapes are cultivated. This vineyard, called “vignale sora a masiera” is located over a natural terrace supported, towards the valley, by an ancient “masiera” (stonewall) made of black ..
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Breganze Doc Groppello 2017 - Vitacchio
Bestseller -32 %
The Groppello grape is one of the ancient vines of Breganze. It is mentioned by Aureliano Acanti in 1754 in the "Roccolo Ditirambo", which makes a long description of its quality and its diffusion on the hills of Breganze. Its characteristic is to have a very compact bunch, similar t..
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Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso IGT 2016 - Vitacchio Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso IGT 2016 - Vitacchio
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Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso is named after the red color of its peduncle which is the base of the grape-stalk. This vine variety, also cultivated in other Italian wine regions, has always been grown by Vitacchio family: in fact our Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso vineyard is 50 years old. Our volcani..
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Breganze Pinot Grigio Doc 2017 - Vitacchio
-9 %
Pinot Grigio (Grey Pinot) is a mutation of Pinot Noir and it originates from France. Pinot Grigio is a vine variety not so easy to cultivate and its growth requires great cares. Vitacchio’s winery has been cultivating this variety since the 60’s; such a long experience allowed Vitacch..
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Breganze Merlot Doc "Fortelongo" 2017 - Vitacchio
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Fortelongo is a 100% Merlot and it takes its name from Fortelongo location in the city of San Giorgio di Perlena where it is cultivated. Merlot is an international vine variety which find in this place a perfect habitat: a sunny hill at 300 m. above sea level west oriented with ample thermal excu..
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Breganze Cabernet Sauvignon Doc 2016 - Vitacchio
-59 %
Cabernet Sauvignon originates in Bordeaux region and it’s one of the most widespread and well known vine variety in the world. In Breganze area this type of grape gives its best and it becomes synonym of fine, luxurious and refined wine; it can age with grace and elegance while defying time..
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